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The work conference about "building scientific, innovative,learning enterprise"
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    In 14 July 2014 , Group held the meeting to the staff of Jiu Caiwan in Tengsheng group's meeting room . Chairman、 chairman's assistant 、the staff of Jiu Caiwan Attended the metting . The meeting was chaired by the president chairman . Chairman put forward the hope about realizing the management of the company system , forming the work team with the sense of responsibility 、the compassion and capable of high efficiency and quality .
    The chairman pointed out at the meeting : Achieving the company's institutionalization and standardization management is the first step we must step if our company want to move toward greater platform . Attention must be paid to all employees and every employee must be strict with oneself . At the same time , as the leaders of each department should always reflect and make timely study and have work clearly planning in the work . The leaders must make a clear labor division and play the role of exemplary leadership . We must have a high sense of responsibility and team work consciousness as the staff and establish a correct work concept . We must be strict in our demands and work must be done thoroughly efficient . We must keep learning、 constantly summarizing、constantly innovation in the work .
   At the end , chairman's assistant Cui Tongbiao made guidance and training for the above work . In addition , he existed the employees' problem in the job and gave the detailed solution .
    The meeting can not only  arouse the enthusiasm of staff and improve staff efficiency . Moreover , it has taken a significant step to build our company's culture . We believe that our company will go better and farther with the joint efforts of everybody !

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