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The summary of safety production month about "Safety science development"
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    In 30 June 2014 , Group held the meeting of  "The summary of safety production month about  'Safety science development' , Chairman , general manager , chairman's assistant and the leaders of each department attended the meeting .The meeting was chaired by the president chairman .
    At the meeting , the chairman made a summary of the special promotional results in the safety production month , He pointed out that the propaganda has achieved a good result . The employees work-related injuries 、machine failure and other issues done not happen . At the same time , the staff sick  also reduced significantly . The work of  the leaders in the each department has been fully affirmed and recognized by the chairman and the chairman hoped to make persistent efforts . The general manager stressed the importance about the scientific production and striking a proper balance between work and rest . He pointed out that the leaders should always listen to the opinions and suggestions of employees and concern about the difficulties of employees and help them to solve the problem . The future of employees is the future of the company . This reflected the people-centered business philosophy . Finally , assistant pointed out that the safety in production is a long-term and arduous task we must pay great attention to it not only in June , but in every day .

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