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 Employing the concept

In the knowledge economy,the competition between enterprises already has changed from the product competition,the cost competition to the fierce competition for talent,the high-quality talents has become a scarce resource.Our company deeply aware of this truth,from the foundation.The company has always adhered to the"making good use of the suitable person,reusing the people who have both ability and political integrity"as personnel concept for seeking talents.

View of talent:Having both ability and political integrity  focusing on performance  the team first

Talent strategy:


Selecting:no talent but is tapped,have both ability and political integrity,there are moral no talent, exceptional appointment.

The company select the talents through a variety of channels like:open recruitment,fair competition,merit-based hiring,all-round to absorb the talents,adhere to the concept of"appoint people by merit,have both ability and political integrity".

Using:Not race horses-Enhance the people with ability,as people do not give way,the commonplace  person down

Regardless of source,regardless of background,regardless of closeness,all up and down according to the working capacity and performance,giving the opportunity to the person who want to work,giving the station to the person who can work,giving position to the person who can successfully work,giving the step to the person who do something wrong,giving road to the person who do nothing,giving sanction to the person who want to drift along,so that each employee to become independent operation of SBU.

Fertility:Cultivating a talent to spend a year,Cultivating e a tree to spend ten year,Cultivating a enterprise to spend hundreds year.

From the point of view of enterprise's career planning,guide the workers to carry out occupation reducing the opportunity cost of expenditure.With the help of a perfect learning platform from the company,providing various forms of education, training and promotion opportunities,through the comprehensive training as occupation morality, skills, training, planning,making the talents professional,the professional talents comprehensive,all-round occupation.

Assessment:Assessment of the staff"four standard"--"sincerity"and"hard"and"innovation"and "harmony".

Sincerity:Honest,has the sense of responsibility,honesty as person,hard work;Hard:Investment, dedication,diligent,positive;Innovation:the spirit of innovation,beyond the competitors,beyond oneself;Harmony:harmony,unity,cooperation,with team spirit.

Left:the perfect work environment+good wages and benefits+your ability to work and potential=your high return.

Our enterprise provide employees with comfortable working and living environment, give employees the feeling of home,at the same time,we insist returning if there are pay in the treatment,which made the outstanding staff to have good opportunities of occupation development and the space to play to their talent.


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